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Okay, here is an update on the current situation. I am glad to be at around $250 towards a computer I am looking forward to getting, but since I have been using tips from my parents to see what I could do, my laptop is back in working condition.

Due to this, I have been feeling bad about having said all this, even though it is taken as commission money, I still feel like I forced it, and having a lot of people having my back, I feel like I have let them down once again.

Enough of my rambling, it is time to say more things. I will be accepting further donations and still as commissions, just not with emotions to drag you to donate. I will be happy to refund if need be, and I apologize in further advance if I said anything wrong.

Enjoy yourselves.


Hey newgrounds,

So, to put it simply, my laptop that I have been using for about a decade has finally broke down and I can't really do much about it. Anything art related and the raffle I am currently preparing for can't be done.

It is sad but it has lived well, letting me make the best of friends to a bunch of talented people, make the best art for you fine people, and letting me experience online gaming. That may be the end of this post but, I am currently working towards something.

I am currently $410 away from getting my dream computer, and I still got commissions open. If I can get at least 14 full body commissions, that would well enough to get back to working condition, and I would be more than happy to do the commissions and the raffle winners once I get said good computer.

My PayPal is: https://paypal.me/justirri

Sorry for begging like this, I just want to get back to things I love to do, any support is appreciated and if you don't want to commission, you can always share this elsewhere.

You can either message me here or on Twitter if you commissioned me so I can save your commission for when I get there

Thanks for reading this, see ya! ^^


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